• The Hearty Side

    • $10.95 per person

      Hot Breakfast Special

      Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage served with biscuits & gravy.

    • $8.45 per person

      Breakfast Frittata

      A beautifully baked frittata stuffed full of your choice of veggies and cheeses and served with an assortment of freshly cut fruit. Choose between spinach, artichoke and feta cheese or broccoli, cheddar and green onion.

    • $6.49 per person

      Breakfast Sandwich Tray

      Scrambled eggs and cheese with bacon, ham or sausage on bagels, wraps, biscuits or croissants.

    • $7.25 per person

      Breakfast Tacos

      Everything you ever wanted for breakfast in one delicious casserole.  Served with refried beans, tortillas and salsa.

    • $35.99 to $55.99

      Fresh Fruit Bowl

      An assortment of fresh in-season fruit.

      • Small (serves 10 people)
      • Medium (serves 20 people)
      • Large (serves 30 people)
    • $16.00 per box

      Java Boxes

      Includes sweetener, half & half and cups.(Serves 12 People)